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‘Inside my mind’


‘Inside my mind’


Inside the mind

Inside the mind

One may envy deaf people today. Wherever you go people are talking. Poverty is almost everywhere, they say. Indeed, these days, someone must be very determined and he or she must know exactly what he wants, to move on.

People are now in fear. Wherever we go, the world looks so tired and, see, those who speak negatively have multiplied and we now do not know whether those we teach, here, will stand on their two feet to resist temptation.

Do not fear. In my heart, now, I feel so good. You know when I was starting this, several years ago, I saw that in this world, there will be people who will come out of their comfort zones in order to think and that they will want to see some principles that might guide them to their destinations. I discovered that a newspaper like this, which is focused on speaking sense, would be the right platform for me to stand.

Things are perhaps surely hard and everywhere I go people are crying. People are indeed frustrated and look; very soon so many of them will commit suicide. The strong are moving on.

I am happy. This struggle will succeed. Someone will know that indeed he who is feared and respected was also once ordinary and that he also still wants to acquire what he thinks he deserves.

I will change the world. Look and observe the politics played in the richest nation on earth. The country is rich. The country’s people are believed to be among the wisest on earth. See, the politics their leaders are playing.

The things those people say against each other have embarrassed even me, a man who rarely gets surprised, when people say. That’s the world that you were thrown into. Man is greedy and to make sure he gets it all, he does it all.

He can undress. He slanders his fellow man. He uses he tongue not to construct but to destroy. Man manufactures weapons not to keep peace but to steal from his fellow man.

Be careful because he that you trust can cripple you as long as he commences to think that he deserves something. We ignore applause and concentrate on walking along harder paths. It is truth that I will speak for evermore.

This truth will perhaps land me into trouble, but on the right hand side of the sender I might sit when my days on earth have ended. I believe that you can seek and get whatever you want.  To understand, the world whipped me.

Time is somehow a kind teacher. Time leaves you waste it. You at last discover the truth and then, full of shame, come back to follow, its orders.

No problem: run, and run, as you drink and misuse what is useful but here you will come back so that you do what you were created to do.

In the beginning I was perhaps joking and trying just. Now I have to talk to the people all the time. The rich are pestering me. The poor are also down crying.

We dream and doubt, so much, in the beginning but, see, things, that seemed small and unimportant, become so much part of our lives and, see, the world says it will stretch its hand to help you do more of what you started jokingly.

A few months ago my late father and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met me in dreams and talked to me for several hours warning me against giving up. I met with the president and we spoke for more than eight hours. He ordered his men to leave us alone.

From one state house corner to another, we moved, up and down.We talked for an incredibly huge period of time. I remember we talked until 3:00 am. I will never forget that. I discovered a lot of secrets. He listens!After that moment I remembered the days in the beginning of my writing career. The scripts I tore after discovering the lack of sense in them.

I remembered the disappointments. Man, more than beats, is ruthless. It’s in this path, to greatness, that all the heartbreaking moments in life will be found, yet after this, there is enduring happiness.

You cannot gain wisdom if the road you chose to use is so smooth. How would we know that some politicians can be good at exploiting if they didn’t demand more than what they deserve? How could we?

I was average in class in all the schools I attended. What then happened and I became among the most respected teachers in God’s world?I refused to accept poverty. I know that man, himself, can decide and give himself peace and happiness and all that that man calls evidence of success.

I have it mind that this is the only paper that will transform the lives of all people here who are willing, and prepared to hate the lives they are leading. You will know what the rest of the world will never know. The entire world looks frustrated and so tired. Inside my mind is belief that you too will soon break through the hard doors, to paradise. You will do it!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Public speaker and a Sports Scientist

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