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Our series continues…Acid Pours Sulfuric acid on Morin


Our series continues…Acid Pours Sulfuric acid on Morin


Acid pouring sulpric acid on Morin

Acid pouring sulpric acid on Morin

I could not believe what was before me. The body of my husband suspended on a rope by the neck? Was it murder or suicide?‘Hajj Abaasi, byanemaokutegeera (I failed to undersand)’.

I circled round the dining table over five times, my best friend, the father of the child I was still carrying inside me and failed to understand why God has punished me like this.

‘Hajj Abaasi okukaaba kwanema (Ifailed to cry). At this time Acid was telling her story with tears running down her face, but with a very clear voice. I tried to stop her to cool down, but she smiled a bit and said it’s O.K. I can continue. So she continued’.

I looked at Sum’s mother; she was also looking at me. She did not cry, either. But only saying; ‘Sum neda, Sum neda’. (Sum no) repeatedly. I shook my head to get out of the dream but everything was real. I looked at his body again and smiled.

I broke the silence and told Mom that Sum yeetuzze (Sum hashanged himself). That is when she started crying loud. I moved to the bed room where I last saw Sum alive with a smile on his face. On the bed he had left a note. Which read; ‘My dear wife, I’m sorry for what I’m about to do but I couldn’t want you to see me suffering with this slim. Bambi your aunt, Morin, told me that you also don’t know that you are sick because they kept it as a secret….

‘Hajj Abaasi, I could not read any more’. From what I had read I concluded that Morin had killed my husband with lies. I put her into my court and sentenced her to death.

I dressed smartly, picked my 13million shillings plus the medical forms and the note and set off. I passed behind the house. People had started gathering and were very busy looking at Sum’s hanging body. I never wanted to look at his body again because I would easily break down and my mission would have aborted.

‘At this point Acid was firm she had stopped crying and earnestly telling me her story’. I heard somebody asking, ‘Banange, namwandu aluwa?’ (Where is the widow?) ‘Ate, naye teyetta’(She may also kill herself).

I disappeared. I passed people on my way but I knew that just a few had known about it. I just walked confidently as if nothing had happened. I boarded a bodaboda up to Ben Kiwanuka Street, opposite the Old Taxi Park, where they sell acid. I posed like a dealer in acid to avoid any suspicion. I bought two jerry cans of concentrated sulfuric acid, expensively, but I had the money.

I got a special hire taxi and went for Morin. I only needed a half liter to finish my mission, still I had bought a small jerry can of three liters.

We drove out of town to uncle’s place. All this time I was thinking about what was happening at home. I never wanted to witness the burial of my husband, at least not when his killer, Morin,was alive.

When we were about to reach my uncle’s place, I told the driver to stop so that I could drop off the small acid jerry can at some garage. I requested for his mobile number and gave him mine, too. I told him to wait for me, that I was coming back. I paid him with some bonus.

I went, and after sometime I called him back and gave him some fake address to drop the remaining acid that I had divided into another smaller jerry can and had left in his car. I don’t know what happened to him. He, and Sum’s mother, kept my phone busy until I switched it off.

At uncle’s house, I knew all the geography in and out of it; and the movement of the people because it was not long since I had left. I stealthily entered through the gate and into the house. I straight went into the cupboard and got a plastic cup to pour acid. I could hear the maid singing from the back yard.

By now it was passed 5 p.m. Morin used to come back around 6.30p.m. In the house there was a small library this is where Morin used to drop the students’ books that she would be bringing for marking.

I hid in one of the bath rooms next to that library. While in hiding I started thinking of Sum; and this is when I started feeling the pain of losing him. I started sobbing. I heard the maid singing and stopped sobbing. Then, I heard Morin’s voice; time was 6.45p.m.

I became nervous, and fearful. I asked myself questions; I’m I going to committee murder?Why should I kill uncle’s wife when he was so good to me? If God forgives, why can’t I? For sure, I was about to forgive her, when she said to the maid that she heard that my husband was dead after committing suicide; that for her she knows me that,‘NDI WA BISIRAANI, (I’m a curse). Buli wembeera abantu bafa bufi’ (Every where I stay people just die).

This was the last punch to catalyze my anger. She was talking like that as she was entering the house. I confronted her in the corridor and poured the acid on her face and chest. The maid tried to attack me but I threatened her with acid, too, and she took off shouting at the top of her voice.

Meanwhile, Morin was burning. I could see the pain she was in. I felt good because my mission was done. I told her;‘Ossebazze, nange,kyenvude nkukola ekyo’ (you have killed my husband thats why I have done this to you.

I ran….

Friends thanks for reading these seres. Remember these are true stories.
We shall begin from there hope the next episode will be tha the last of the Acid series before we bring you a new series



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