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Gamit : Uganda’s self made musician


Gamit : Uganda’s self made musician

“Singing in the church choir was my greatest motivation to do music”. Gamit  says , as an upcoming musician,  song writer and producer, I am self made, during this interview he told The Sunrise’s Allen Kisakye about his incredible journey.

Upcoming musician Gamit

Upcoming musician Gamit

Qn: what are your real names?

Ans:  Gamit Joseph, I decided to use my sir name as my stage name because it’s unique and I feel proud of it

Qn: Which regions of Uganda do you came from?

Ans:  I am a Japadhola and I come from Eastern Uganda, Tororo to be exact

Qn: when did you start doing music professionally?

Ans: I started doing serious music in 2006, at Avid record in Tororo and David Oweka produced my first song, but by then I used to call myself  JoeGold and I was a duo with my friend called Kid*P, but later in 2011 I changed my name to Gamit.

Qn: who inspired you to do music?

Ans: growing up in a Catholic home, I’ve always been in Church choirs, and to that I would confidently  say that my mum inspired me to music, because she’s a great musician too though she does only church music

Qn: which kind of music do you do?

Ans: I do Urban dancehall and Urban reggae because I want to bring out something new and to also sound different.

Qn: How many songs do you have so far?

Ans: I have many songs but the major ones that are making rounds on social media are like eight, including Dream girl, Poolside party, I need you, Same fire among others but I only have three videos now.

Qn: I believe that in due time you will love to do collabos, which artists would you like to do a collabo with?

Ans: I would very much want to do a collabo with Bebe Cool aka Bigsize, becauseI admire him and he is musically flexible, I would  also love to do a collabo with Irene Ntale and Keko

Qn: Which international artiste do you look up to and would wish to have a collabo with?

Ans:  I love Busy Signal so much and I wish I would have a collabo with him, I also love Rommain

Qn: Who is the producer behind your music?

Ans: I am the person behind my music, I write all my songs and I also personally produce them, though I sometimes take them to my producer friends for mastering

Qn:  You said that you are a producer, which songs have you ever worked on?

Ans: Though I have not yet made a hit song,  I have worked with one artiste called Bana Birungi, who is a Christian rapper

Qn:  What’s the name of your recording studio?

Ans: It’s called Titanium records and it’s found in the outskirts of Kampala in Kyambogo

Qn: Which record label are you signed under?

Ans:  I am under the management of MOKOLIMBO INC, and Charles is my manager. We are two people under that management the other artiste is called Artcian Lee.

Qn: Which big stage have you ever performed on?

Ans: I performed on the Hot100 explosion in 2014

Qn: What are your plans for 2017?

Ans:  I am planning to produce more music and to shoot more videos.




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