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“Tumunonye” Another Baxi-Ragga, from Navio


“Tumunonye” Another Baxi-Ragga, from Navio

Musician Navio

Musician Kigozi aka Navio has discovered a niche in Baxi-Ragga genre

Since the inception of Bax-Ragga by song-writer and RNB singer, this new music style is proving to be Uganda’s brand with catchy songs like: “Njogereza by Navio”; “Kabulengane”; by Bebe Cool; and, “Mwana Agenda” by Dr. Hilderman. The latest addition is Winnie Nwagi’s  “Kano Koze”.

Navio, who is steadly parting ways with his staple Hip-Hopstyle, has yet released a new Bax-Ragga Song, “Tumunonye”, a love ballad with traditional-like lyrics and local beats, dubbed Bakimba.

Navio has constantly reinvented himself, not only as a rapper, but as an artist. As a result we’ve seen him release material out of his comfort zone, which is rap. Last year, “Njogereza”, was the song that set the trend, raised the bar in all aspects that reflected the production and the visuals.

This year, the Uganda Hip-Hop Artist of the Year winner, is back to move the crowds with “Tumunonye“. This Paddy Man-produced track is going to be a favourite for the kwanjulas. Listen to the track and judge for yourself.





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