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Bafana’s new video makes him King of Ragga

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Bafana’s new video makes him King of Ragga

Katonda Wa Ragga Talks More About Ziza

Katonda Wa Ragga Talks More About Ziza

Richard Kasendwa, started his journey in the music industry in 2007 in a duo with his friend, Yiya Mozey. Both broke into fame with their song, Tebakulimba Abo, but after doing a couple of projects, Ziza Bafana and Yiya Mozey parted ways.

In 2012 he decided to face the music industry as a sole performer with his breakthrough song, Gyayo Ntekeyo. Because of the unique flow in his songs, many people began to refer to him as the; King of Ragga. Songs like; Pomini, Guluma Na’soma, Akalulu, Tuli Majj, among others, were a major contributing factor for him to attain that title.

Under Magic Town management, Ziza Bafan,a has also been referring to himself as the “King of Ragga”. Now, he has decided to do a song to clearly show the world that he does not just refer to himself as the King of Ragga, but that indeed he is. In this song, Ziza clearly expresses that no one does Ragga like him and that he owns the crown of the best Ragga dancehall artiste in Uganda.

The song, Katonda wa Ragga, was shot by Uganda’s finest video producer, Sash Vybes, and the audio was done by Ron Da Don. This video has clear content and an extraordinary print that clearly shows that Ziza is a real king of Ragga.

Katonda was written by Ziza Bafana himself. He claims that he was writing the truth about himself; and that is why he was sure that his song will make a hit. He has also written many songs for various musicians. One such is; Shy Girl by Naira Ali.

Katonda wa Ragga is now one of the top Ugandan music downloads, and it is hitting many of the top music charts.  It a clear way that Ziza Bafana is taking the raga music style on its head




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