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A language and voice make a woman more romantic

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A language and voice make a woman more romantic

A woman's voice make a her more romantic

A woman’s voice make a her more romantic

This morning while chatting with my Spanish friend on Skype she summed up our conversation with … “Te quiero”. This has made my day.

Guys, who of you doesn’t love the sound of Spanish? The versatility and passion that Spanish gives to the speaker makes it romantic, sensual and powerful.

This makes it the second most romantic language in the world after French.  If you knew the Spanish by their wines better know them as well by their romantic language.  In Spanish to hold hands is “Cogerse la mano” , Hug is “Abrazo” and Kiss is “Beso”

I think am becoming a linguist. I have dated six girls from different nationalities.  This means I have had a chance to learn their languages. Each language makes a girl romantically different. Linguistically speaking,

I found some of these languages more romantic than others. The sound, structure, syntax, or morphology of a language made it attractive, romantic, polite or poetic. The phonology and the morphology are spicing the language.

There is a man I know, with untamable thirst for women. This gives him wide experience in romance.

He has always said that a woman’s voice is his biggest weakness.  He falls for the voice first and other things come later. If a voice is related to language then am on point.  Most men will agree that the way a woman screams during sex determines whether men get aroused sexually or not.

One of the most common reasons women moan during sex is simply because it’s an automatic response to pleasure. Just like sighing when you sink into a hot tub, the pleasure you get from sex can cause an audible and involuntary response. It is normal and healthy for women to scream.  I’m about to establish if it’s also okay for men to scream

In the same line I have heard men worshipping women of particular tribes for their sonorous voices and romantic words during sex.  I’m yet to establish whether this is true or not by carrying out my independent research into this allegation.  Of course if I confirm the allegation I will come back and publish my findings. Just wish me the best

There is something that women don’t know. Other than the voice, there are other things that a woman can do to become romantic in the eyes of a man. You can get the oils from any chemist or therapy shops for that extra touch.

So make yourself pretty, get a comfortable space for him to relax, turn down the lights, or use candles, put on some of his favorite music or movies, and give him a nice long massage, whilst kissing and stroking him every now and again, you may also wish to whisper sweet “nothings” words to him.



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