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‘My early struggles’

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‘My early struggles’

early struggles’

early struggles’

We don’t know the period of time we shall spend in this position as far as development is concerned. I can say this is a fourth world country and I have convincing reasons.

Welcome to 2018. If you are dreamers and are not very determined or serious, you are likely to tomorrow give up. I have made research.  I have discovered that most rich men and women, who are successful, struggled on their own to reach where they are today.

A country with less educated men and women with resources and power is in danger, in danger of collapsing and, of remaining poor and backward for a lot of years.

They say I am 100 percent against formal schooling but, my friend: I possess very big reasons why I attack or soil the system in this country.

If I didn’t waste time mastering some things in school, the inspirational articles and essays I have written would have been more than I have. This country is indeed fourth world.

This is a country with rich men who don’t know how to spend the money they sweated to get. I have seen very few rich people here who can mingle freely with the needy to try to understand them and later help them go out of their problems.

In Uganda, to be contented in one’s heart, one calls journalists with their cameras to announce that he or she has given.

That is showing off. 2017 was tough for speakers like us who call 0 zero. I don’t know how our first rulers and leaders built this country. Struggling writers, if you are discouraged as you try to get information from a man or woman you admire, never give up. These are the things that we passed through. I remember very few good things that some of my teachers did to me.

So many teachers in Uganda destroy instead of building those whom they educate. It is very hard to succeed in an underdeveloped country, a country like ours.

I suffered and reached the extent of regretting why I entered these things. It was very difficult in the beginning. First, one has to master the languages to be used when communicating to people. You must gather wisdom also. The journey from the beginning to the line that is worthy publishing is very long.  Silence is the fence that surrounds wisdom.

Keep your secrets and ambitions from all the people that may discourage you in any way and from those who may become jealous and envious, of you. These people are very many in poor countries. They include your close friends and relatives.

I did not reveal what I wanted, to achieve, to anyone. Even those who saw me attempting to write in the beginning thought I was probably an immature boy and proud in the heart.

They didn’t think that perhaps I had started on my long journey and that I would later succeed at what I had started jokingly. Even today, a lot of uneducated business owners do not believe it when told that we can hype their businesses, writing about them, until they commence making abnormal profits.

Every Ugandan must go to school to at least learn how to write his or her name and to know how to interpret all those things that are written in English. The words you today read built countries like America.

The Singaporeans are everyday told these words, you today read while doubting in the heart. People in the Asian continent commit suicide every day. This habit is fought with words, of encouragement, and not with guns and swords or bombs. We can also solve our problems amicably.

Our president also wants appreciation and he feels very well when appreciated and, I know, he will deliver power to only those who appreciated his service.

A mocked Museveni will never leave power. Mr. Besigye and company should know. Use fire to do away with fire. I received no help from anybody in the beginning. My teachers, at all levels, always said I was likely to amount to nothing.

My relatives had forgotten me and no one among them, even today, believes it, that I am among the feared and highly respected men in this country.

I was very thin when growing up. I was very poor. The village in me was too much, yet I was born and raised in Kampala. To those who knew me, there is almost no way I could become what I am today. I struggled alone. I began with nothing.

I was discouraged a lot in the beginning. The thing that pains me a lot is that you first make yourself a name for the rich to accept to listen to you so that you can know how they managed to gather their money.

Ten years ago if someone told me that I would be what I am today, I wouldn’t have believed it. It has been a very long and hard walk. Never give up.

 Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

Have your say via: 0756717967 or email:



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