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Youths have no time for politics


Youths have no time for politics

Youths have no time for politics

Youths have no time for politics

It is said that the world’s two most prized gifts are the love of a woman and the beauty of youth. Youth is the most treasured trait that a person can have, without it a person can be 45 but feel like 85. Youth or young people around the globe are always treated as not only the “future” of humankind but also looked upon as the envied lot, as their energy levels are still at their peak.

The youth make up for more than 1.1 billion people, which is the nearly the population of India. The number of young people along with children makes up 40% of the world’s population as of 2015.

Over 60% of the Ugandans are youths. The advantage of having a young population is that what seem to be biting national issues don’t actually bother them. What matters are these trivial issues like WIFI are off, my data is done and my phone battery is below 10%.

The day the Ugandan parliament was passing the age limit bill, most youths were busy anxiously waiting for the weekend football matches and others running to betting houses to look at fixtures and plan on making winning bets.  All they could remember about age limit bill was Abiriga urinating on the street and the fun they made about the man in a yellow suit.

A terrible accident occurred at Kampiringisa, along Masaka road.  While onlookers were sobbing, screaming and calling police and ambulance to rescue the accident victims some young men were seen taking selfies with the victims at the scene.

In the popular struggle against lifting the presidential age limit in this country the youths were simply excited by the word “togikwataka”. Their own interpretation of the word was enough to make them get crazy with excitement.  They almost composed a song from the word.

Now they touched it (the constitution) and at 18 years you can be President. I’m imagining an 18 year old in a presidential convoy going to State house.  I love politics.  Actually the NRM parliamentarians were looking at the constitution like a naked beautiful model seated on the bed waiting to be touched.

And here come the opposition MPs shouting “togikwataka” as if the NRM MPs are impotent.  All the same it was touched. Of course this did not change the price of tomatoes in Owino market like I told you. The sun still rises from the East and sets in the West.  And more still the waters of River Nile still flow from Uganda to Egypt.  What was the cause of the fracas?  That’s why I have more time for soccer than politics.





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