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Family in trouble as wife is linked to LGBT activism

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Family in trouble as wife is linked to LGBT activism

City based family is heading to collapse as wife identified as Ms Juliet Murungi has been reportedly linked to LGBT rights activism. It is understood that Mrs Murungi who also runs a weekly women fitness group is accused by family members for engaging in LGBT activities and having an affair with a one Ms Brenda Apio on Katwe a Kampala suburb.
It is understood that on a yet to be revealed file, Mrs Murungi was recently summoned and detained at central police station following complaints from a close family members.
It is understood that the 40 year-old Mrs Murungi had to go to court and she never turned up and her whereabouts and yet to be known.
Reports show that Mrs Murungi was summoned to report to Mengo Court on charges related to sodomy where she had appear on 18th , February 2019 but never resurfaced
Insiders indicate that Mrs Murungi an alleged bi-sexual mother and who had for long had a relationship with Ms Apio which had been rumored for a while.
A member of Mrs Murungi Family who seek anonymity revealed that one family member noted that “Our family can no longer contain a person of Mrs Murungi character and fear seeing her recruiting other family members into Homosexuality”
In a similar manner, Police arrested and detained at least 20 people suspected to be homosexuals while attending a workshop at Sangalo Beach in Busia District.
The group which later confirmed to have been attending a transgender conference, was supervised by a lady only identified as Ritah who attempted to offer police a bribe of shs 10 million to be released.
“The boys started behaving like women. They were all over each other caressing fellow men,” said a URA officials who asked not to be named.



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