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Investigation: Family searching for Missing Ugandan gay over death of partner


Investigation: Family searching for Missing Ugandan gay over death of partner

With many criminal cases in Uganda poorly investigated by police and other authorities, many concerned parties end up in a somber manner and unsatisfied with the way their cases are handled. Some cases are not given the attention they deserve.

According to Police file case number SD.Ref.13/04/01/2015, Bryan Samson Katamba, is alleged to have disappeared over death of  partner a one Andrew who was allegedly is Gay partner.

In our investigation we met a lady at Kira police station claiming she has been struggling to follow up the case of her son Andrew Kalule who was killed by a mob. This came after Andrew was accused of being gay with then his boyfriend Bryan Samson Katamba who was fellow classmates.

This lady claims she did not know about the relationship, she used to see the two teenagers together thinking they were just friends not knowing they had an affair.

On that fateful night her son was killed, she had travelled to Mityana on a business mission only to receive news that  Andrew had been killed by residents accusing him of being gay.

The lady still claims that a one Bryan Samson Katamba could have been involved though police is still ascertain the cause.

As it stands now he (Bryan Samson Katamba)  whose whereabouts are still insubstantial is wanted by authorities and family even with the long absence given an astounding shortfall as he ended up going fleeing the country .

She further more adds that she tried to work with police  arrest the assailants ( Bryan Samson Katamba) to be brought to book, arrested and charged with recruitment of a minor into this act though  the police kept asking for money which she did not have.

She claims that according to the law Katamba pictured above should be arrested and charged with recruitment of which the penalty is more than 10 years in prison. She promises not to give up until she gets justice for her Sons death.

On 16 August, the state minister of ethics and integrity, Simon Lokodo, issued a directive shutting down a gala, scheduled to take place at the Sheraton Hotel in the capital, Kampala, accusing the organisers of attempting to stage an illegal gathering aimed at recruitment, exhibition and promotion of homosexuality.

Police officers were deployed at the hotel and other venues where pride events were scheduled, to arrest anyone participating in activities.

“It’s true I ordered the police to stop and shut down all the gay pride events. No gay gathering and promotion can be allowed in Uganda. We can’t tolerate it at all,” said Lokodo.


“We know they are trying to recruit and promote homosexuality secretly. But it’s worse to attempt to stand and exhibit it in public arena. This is totally unacceptable. Never in Uganda.”



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