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Museveni’s pledges worry legislators


Museveni’s pledges worry legislators

it has been allaged his pledges are too numerous

The Chairman of the Government Assurances Committee of Parliament Kassiano Wadri Eziat has warned President Yoweri Museveni to desist from pledging many things which cannot be fulfilled in time.

Wadri, expressed dismay at the fact that up to 20 pledges made by the President to Jinja over several years, remain unfulfilled to date.

Wadri made the observations while leading a team of MPs on the committee in a recent meeting in  Jinja with the district councillors to follow up government pledges in the district.

In report which was read by the district Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Jinja Olive Hope Nakyanzi, it was discovered that over 20 pledges which were made by Museveni remain unfulfiled.

The unfulfilled pledges by the president worthy noting include;  Construction of Napier and Ambercourt markets, upgrade of Budondo Matuumu road to Tarmac and construction of Kaguta Memorial Technical School in Buwagi Budondo.

Others include Compensation of Lakwena war victims and construction of a school in Busedde Sub County, extending financial support to bomb victims of Mango Bar incident among others.

It is against this background that committee members were overwhelmed with the unfulfilled pledges in Jinja district which prompted the committee Chairperson Kassiano Wadri to ask the President always to be mindful of the capacity of the national treasury while making pledges.

“Such pledges will either not be realized or drain the national treasury in the name of protecting the image of the president as the economy staggers” he said.

According to Meddy Mbetyo, the District Councillor for Jinja central division, the public keeps accusing them of failing to follow-up on such pledges yet sometimes the President makes them unrealistically.

“Most of the pledges are political gimmicks aimed at hoodwinking voters to vote for him and his government without considering the possibility of fulfilling them in the said period of time and as long as Uganda’s politics is based on such unthought-of bits, expect more of such pledges,” he said.



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