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Jinja youth quit NRM over new cabinet


Jinja youth quit NRM over new cabinet

NRM chairman President Yoweri Museveni

NRM chairman President Yoweri Museveni

The newly appointed cabinet continues to generate more debate and contention with the latest involving youth from Jinja district raising their voice in expression of disappointment with President Yoweri Museveni and his NRM party.

Drama this early morning ensued at Busoga square, the Jinja district headquarters when a group of over 30 youths under their umbrella Vision 2040 stormed the deputy RDC’s office demanding a thorough and
comprehensive explanation as why no leader in Jinja district was appointed Minister.

Led by Majidu Musongora, the youth tasked the deputy RDC Eric Sakwa to call the appointing authority and inform him that people in Jinja were not happy with the way he appointed his cabinet The group reasoned that during the previous February general elections, voters in Jinja district proved their loyalty and support to the president and his ruling party by voting out all opposition leaders.

“Almost all positions right from the district chairman, all area members of parliament and the mayor and majority of the municipality, division and sub county councils are occupied by NRM members, how then does the president become so insensitive to such people who fought tooth and nail to grab all elective positions and pay them with no minister, we are fed up” Musongora said.

The youth also accused Sakwa of interfering in the health service delivery in government hospitals by falsely accusing medics of taking bribes as they spread their NRM cards and yellow T-shirts a sign of denouncing the party.

“Some of these dirty games are played by Mr Sakwa himself for reasons best known to himself and we’re bound to lose many of our competent medical staff in Jinja for fear of falling prey to Sakwa’s malicious traps” one youth added.

Underestimating their determination and anger, Sakwa politely asked the irate youth to go back and put their concerns in writing for him to be able to forward them.

When deputy RDC Eric Sakwa encouraged the group to put it in writing such that he can forward their grievances in written form, they instead irritated them the more and they turned rowdy and unruly claiming that Sakwa was insulting them by asking for a written petition well knowing that they were illiterate who could neither write nor read.

It took the intervention of the RPC Kiira region Godfrey Matte who swung into action with his men to calm the situation by applying some optimal force.

In turn the RDC rubbished their claims saying they are just schemers with their hidden motive or conduits conveying someone’s message “The president is much aware of whatever we’re doing here and is indeed pleased with our efforts to supporting his call of zero corruption.

We are helping their area and they are shouting forgetting that anytime we can as RDC’s be transferred” he said adding that whoever is using the youth has pressed a wrong button.



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