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KCCA pinned for ‘killing’ cycling


KCCA pinned for ‘killing’ cycling

(courtesy photo) :Woman riding a bike on Kampala Streets

(courtesy photo) :Woman riding a bike on Kampala Streets

The World Cycling Alliance has heaped blame on Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) for the delayed adoption of cycling as a way of life for the hundreds of city commuters something that would go a long way in decongesting Kampala.

Amanda Ngabirano, a lecturer in Urban Planning at Makerere University and a representative for Uganda at the World Cycling Alliance said that KCCA has delayed to develop dedicated lanes for cyclists which keeps many cycling enthusiasts away from the bike.

Ngabirano said: “We need infrastructure provisions and change in mindset. The benefits of bicycle transport are immense. Uganda and most of Africa are lagging behind on this. Bicycle transport is a mode like other modes. It is more sustainable, pollution free and costs less. It is very healthy and requires less space for lanes and parking.”

As the whole world is focused on Climate change and its impacts. Many people think cycling is for the poor. However it can help us all in many ways and save our environment too-whether rich or poor. It is healthy, quiet and not costly at all. It is currently very unsafe. But we have many people riding.

Ngabirano argues that KCCA is denying hundreds of people the chance to live healthier lives through cycling since the exercise is considered especially useful in keeping fit and healthy.

Ngabirano continues: “Providing segregated infrastructure for cyclists is very important not only for the safety of cyclists, but for those who wish to ride sometimes but are scared to. It can save the government a lot of money also in terms of health care because it is an active mode and people exercise as they move. It could also reduce traffic congestion especially for short distances”

But Peter Kawujju, Kampala Capital City Authority publicist says that the authority has planned for cycling and pedestrian paths, only that they are yet to be implemented.

“Kampala has been a motorized city since its formation. However in 2013, we came out with a bicycle piloting program beginning from Namirembe road to the city centre and in this program we shall also cater for pedestrian in our program the bicycle pathways will pass via Sheraton, Speake road until we connect to Jinja road.”




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