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Sheik Major Kiggundu shot dead


Sheik Major Kiggundu shot dead

Major Kiggundu recently married Sylivia Namutebi aka Maama Fiina

Major Kiggundu recently married Sylivia Namutebi aka Maama Fiina

A senior UPDF officer Sheik Major Kiggundu s has been shot dead by a suspected sniper

He was shot at Masanafu at around 7.00 am while going about his duties. Sources have told The Sunrise that, who was travelling on a Bodaboda fired two deadly shots that separately killed both Kiggundu and his driver

Eye witnesses say that the sniper initially killed the driver befor he shot Kiggundu after removing the bag that contained his files.

Kiggundu was one of the high ranking Muslims in the UPDF.

His assasination has already triggerd anxiety and fear in the Muslim community that the murder of Muslim Sheiks which always begin around this time of the year has started.

It may be remembered that three top Sheiks, Bahiga Mustapha, Sheik Dutoor Muwaya and Sheik Kirya were killed at the end of 2015 by snipers who were travelling on Bodabodas.

Senior Muslim politicians have reacted with shock at Major Kiggundu’s assasination.

Kampala Lord Mayor Hajj Erias Lukwago posted on his face book page thus:  “Oh no….Can’t believe that Sheik Major Kiggundu has been killed in cold blood!! So tragic! What is going on??”



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