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Trump wins in unlikely America election upset


Trump wins in unlikely America election upset

He is 1st U.S leader with no Gov’t or military experience

Somber Clinton who lost to Trump

Somber Clinton who lost to Trump

In an extraordinary, Donald John Trump, 70, has won the 2016 general elections in a shock victory over Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.

On January 20, 2017, President-elect Trump will be sworn in on Capitol Hill as the 45th President of the United States of America. It will cap the most dramatic, astounding, divisive and unprecedented two-year campaign.

Trump stood on the Republican ticket, but he was a non-establishment candidate: a reality TV star, a real estate property developer and businessman, who has never held elective office before. When he declared his intention to stand for the presidency from his Trump Tower, nearly two years ago, most political pundits laughed him off. In the Republican primaries, he stood and beat such suave establishment politicians as Florida Governor, Marco Rubio, and Republican House Speaker, Paul Ryan.

He emphasized his campaign dictum of “Make America Great Again”, in his surprisingly conciliatory acceptance speech. “I will be the President of all Americans,” he said, adding, “I promise that I will do a great job. In the campaign, our work of the moment is just beginning.”

His job is about the US economy: good and well-paying jobs for the rank and file of all Americans. That means revamping the industrial sector and scuttling the global trade agreements that have led to American jobs being exported abroad, mainly to China and India. His message resonated with the majority of “forgotten” middle class Americans and the working class whom the Barack Obama and other administrations of the establishment had “left behind”.

Despite the lewd scandals accompanying his campaign, most Americans identified with him, not only in the rough and tumble manner of his speech, but also with his surviving and excelling under adversity. Trump made his billion-dollar real estate business empire from a mere one million dollars he got from his father; and he is credited with astute business judgment.

Trump, not only gave a voice to these Americans, but he touched the nerve of those frustrated and disaffected across the board. This message also resonated with the psyche of the America that is becoming xenophobic and insular facing the terrorist attacks from the Muslims of the Middle East and the immigrants from Mexico.

He was adamant on both: promising to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans who are streaming from the south and to block the Muslim immigrants who he blames for bringing terrorism to the American shores. Trump wants to deport the eleven million illegal Mexican immigrants who are already settled in the United States.

Trumps stunning victory has not only upset the global markets, whose trading has plummeted since his win, but has thrown the media and pollsters, who continued to announce the Hillary Clinton victory, almost right up to the moment of the count.

The polling industry is into a tailspin which now has to revamp its operations if it has to regain credibility. Most analysts refer to the Trump victory in the same terms as they cited the unlikely vote of the Brexit in July in Britain.

In the event, nearly all the battleground states voted for and gave Trump the Electoral College votes. By the time Hillary conceded defeat, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia had made Trump crest the 270 vote threshold. Trump won 276 against Clinton’s 215 electors, the balance of the 538 electors went to the other presidential contestants; Gary Johnson, Evan McMullin and Jill Stein.




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