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Beti Kamya calls for ceasefire with Lukwago


Beti Kamya calls for ceasefire with Lukwago

Kampal minister Beti Olive Namisango Kamya

Kampal minister Beti Olive Namisango Kamya

The Minister of Kampala Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has petitioned Members of the public to intervene in the on-going fight between her and the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago saying it is suffocating development in the City.

“I am appealing to the members of the public to come in and call us to order and I am sure if you do so we shall come to order, ” Kamya said

She was venting her frustration at the lack of progress in the City’s political atmosphere since she took the reigns as the Minister in Charge of Uganda’s Capital due to what she terms as “too much politicking” from Lukwago and other opposition politicians.

“Every thing I am trying to do for the city can’t progress because of this politicking. When we try to solve the problem of vendors for example, and when we start to sort out the taxi problems, the same opposition rises up and at the end of the day we are spending so much time without making any progress,”Kamya said.

Kamya’s call has been welcomed by some Ugandans who have for long demanded for harmony and reconciliation at the City Hall.

Pastor Jjemba Stanley of The Soul Winning and Deliverance and proprietor the Noble Care Primary School in Kawempe Division is one of those who were excited by the Ministers’ change of mind.

“If the minister is asking us to call them to order, we have already done that. This has been our cry of many of us for many days because we know for a fact that we the common Ugandans are the obvious losers if the city’s leaders who are supposed to build it continue fighting endlessly,” Jjemba said.

The City of the Lord Church Pastor Godfrey Luwagga who is also the Chairman of the Nabagereka’s Foundation Division agrees with Jjemba.

” The earlier the fighting at the City hall ends the better for Kampala and all Ugandans because it is now clear no development will be achieved without the cooperation and harmony of the leaders including the Minister of Kampala, the Lord Mayor and the councilors, ” Luwaga said.

Lukwago however dismisses Kamya’s lamentations as mere politicking by making endless accusations of “provocative actions and behavior” towards him and his colleagues.

“She is all over the place meddling in everything we are supposed to handle within our docket,” Lukwago complains claiming that the Ministers'(Kamya) role is by law limited to giving advise to the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA).

“The other day we were handling vendors’ issues and she jumped on it immediately. She has now jumped on the taxis operator’s and is now saying their elections will be organized by Uganda Electoral Commission.” ” We shall have a lot of peace if and when she sticks to her advisory role,” Lukwago said.

Lukwago continues to allege that Kamya has a personal vendetta against him which he traces as far back as the days of The Democratic Alliance (TDA) during which he says Kamya mobilized other members of the alliance to lock him out.




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