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Consultant for Entebbe airport upgrade starts work


Consultant for Entebbe airport upgrade starts work

One of the Consultants for the airport upgrade and expansion works from Dar Al-Handasah Shair & Partners explains to CAA Board Members and management about the on-going works recently

One of the Consultants for the airport upgrade and expansion works from Dar Al-Handasah Shair & Partners explains to CAA Board Members and management about the on-going works recently

A consulting firm that was recently hired to supervise the Expansion of Entebbe International Airport has commenced work by conducting a tour of the facility for CAA’s top Executives as well as the project’s lead contrator China Communications Construction Company (CCCC).

The Sunrise has learnt that Dar Al – Handasah Shair & Partners in association with Orion Associates Ltd was hired in May this year to supervise the works by the lead contractor CCCC to ensure timely completion of the works, quality and compliance with design specifications.

Before the Consultant came on board, the project was supervised by a panel of experts comprising of Engineers and Architects from the Ministry of Works and Transport and CAA.

Entebbe International Airport is undergoing an upgrade and expansion in order to cope with the growing demands and offer better facilities to the air transport users. The Sunrise has also learned further that the consultant is currently based at Entebbe to ensure quality of works.

The upgrade and expansion of Entebbe International Airport is a design and build project to be implemented in a phased approach. Phase 1 will include the following to be implemented over a 5 Year span:

*   Establishment of a new cargo centre complex (10,000m2, capacity of 100,000 tons),

* Construction of a New Passenger Terminal Complex (20,000m2)

* Strengthening of existing Parking Apron 4,

* Strengthening of existing Runway 17/35 and its associated taxiways,

* Strengthening of existing Runway 12/30 and its associated taxiways,

*   Expansion and strengthening of Apron 1 (Expansion of 6 code C parking stands),

* Rehabilitation of Apron 2,

*  On-site water supply system,

*  Fire water system (excluding works on Aprons) and its associated facilities.

The new Cargo Centre, which is part of the works under the supervision of the consultants commenced smoothly in May, 2016 at Entebbe. Earthworks have been completed and the contractor is now working on the airside and landside access roads.

The construction of a new Cargo centre was necessitated by growth in Cargo volumes from 6,600 metric tons recorded in 1991 to 59,000 tons at the turn of 2016. The new 100,000 tones capacity Cargo Centre will be a self-contained facility with a Parking Apron, landslide and airside access roads, cooling facilities, a Freight Forwarders Parlor and ancillary business outlets.

It is part of the US Dollars 200 million loan to Uganda by China through the Exim Bank of China. Part of the loan will be used to re-surface the Runways, Taxiways and strengthen and expand the Aprons under the same contractor



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