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Wadri wants to mend ties with Museveni


Wadri wants to mend ties with Museveni

Kasiano Wadri wants to mend ties with Museveni

Newly elected Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Kasiano Wadri has said he is ready to meet with President Yoweri Museveni for a ‘dialogue’.

Wadri revealed this in response to a question that was put to him on whether he would be willing to meet with the President to resolve the apparent long standing political differences between the two.

While speaking at the burial of the former Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga, President Museveni castigated the now elected Arua Member of Parliament Kasiano Wadri as one of the wrong political elements undermining the sub-region’s development. He went ahead to brand the opposition as terrorists.

Now Wadri who is also battling charges of treason in the high court says he is ready for what he called dialogue with President Museveni but on principle as he explains.

Wadri an independent Member of Parliament acknowledges that His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni is the first citizen of this country constitutionally and being the fountain of Honour and President, if he calls him in that capacity there is no reason for him to refuse to go and meet him,

“He is the President and therefore I will meet him, of course there will be conditions, I do not want to go and meet the President alone,” Wadri says.

“I would want to meet the President with confidence if am accompanied by people of my choice and there, we can discuss but to call me one on one. No, I will rather go with a witness, so that whatever we discuss is in the best interest of this country and in the best interest of the people of Uganda,” added Wadri.

It is not clear who is initiating this meeting. But during the ninth Parliament, Wadri was accused of being an NRM mole, an accusation he strongly denies.

The High Court in Gulu imposed a three months ban on Wadri from going to Arua, his constituency.

Wadri’s anticipated meeting with Museveni is likely to rub many of his friends in his FDC party the wrong way.

Opposes military aid

Meanwhile, Wadri says he fully supports those who are calling for a ban on Uganda receiving military assistance following reports of alleged abuse of human rights by the army.

Wadri urges that Uganda is not at war with any of its neighbours, and therefore the country does not need military aid and that such assistance should be instead channel it towards provisions of social services in the country.

His remarks follow a call by Robert Amsterdam, the Lawyer to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi who last week during an international press conference pledged to ask the US government not to give military support to Uganda, whose defence forces engage in torturing of its citizens.

“Military hardware for what? First of all the batons that they use for beating us are already here what more do they need? So the issue is not that we should ask the Western world to give us aid, the Western World should continuously give us aid, we are in dire need of that aid but aid should come in four areas that is Health, Agriculture, Education and Physical Infrastructure,” Wadri stresses.



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