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Brexit ends in tears for May


Brexit ends in tears for May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announcing her resignation set for June 7

UK Prime Minister Theresa May shed a tear while announcing her resignation set for June 7

After months of growing pressure and dissent from her own Conservative Party, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May has finally decided to quit after failing to secure sufficient backing from the British Parliament for her Brexit proposals.

According to the BBC, May will relinquish her leadership of the Conservative party on June 7 to pave way for a process in her party to select her successor.

While delivering her resignation speech outside Number 10, the Office of the Prime Minister, May cried before she walked away.

May, seen by many as a charismatic, brilliant and strong-willed woman, lost grip of her leadership through three defeats for her Brexit proposals.

The last nail in her leadership coffin came when she tried this week to forge a bi-partisan bill, especially with liberals, for her fourth attempt to secure Brexit support.

May is the second female British PM after fellow conservative Margaret Thatcher who led the UK between 1979 and 1990.



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