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Gov’t, should compensate Entebbe road residents for their homes


Gov’t, should compensate Entebbe road residents for their homes

Plots on Entebbe road are very expensive but the inconveniences faced by resdents are tremendous

Plots on Entebbe road are very expensive but the inconveniences faced by resdents are tremendous

With what has been happening recently on Entebbe road, residents of Entebbe road.

Whenever the president has need to use the statehouse, our roads are closed albeit temporarily. But recently, during the swearing in ceremony, it got from bad to worse. For 3 whole days, our roads were closed without any consideration for us the residents on that road. Many of us were  forced to walk to work and came back home using the same means.

Yes, as a noble citizen, I understood the need to close the roads given that many dignitaries had been invited to the ceremony and as a developing country, our security could not be trusted without closing the roads to public use.

But now, I am afraid that the government has made it a habit  that whenever we invite a dignitary, wherever he/she is going to pass, roads should be closed to public use, and most affected are the Entebbe road users.

I confirmed this during the South Korean President’s visit. After the swearing in ceremony, I had thought that we were done with the closure of our roads but it so happens that that was just the beginning.

The South Korean president being a noble visitor I thought she was going to be brought in with a helicopter but wapi she came by road and we ended up getting stuck in our homes without any movement.

Last week the Turkish president also visited and I  have never seen the inconvenience I faced, from Kitende, when we reached Kajjansi, police armed with batoons and sticks like those used for cows told us to go off Entebbe highway and take the Bweya road.

Mid way into the journey, we were told that the road had been opened so we came back but after we got to Lweza we were again told that we could not go through so we took the dusty Bunamwaya road, we were again told that they had opened the road so we came back to Seguku. From Seguku we drove up to Zzana where we were diverted to Nyanama road where we were again directed to go back to the main road. All this inconvenience took a whooping 2 hours.

I was forced to spend Ugshs 7,000 on a journey where I am suposed to spend Ugshs 2000

Sincerely what kind of inconvenience is this?

Wouldn’t it be better if government compensated us residents like they compensate people when the are making roads so that we leave Entebbe road in peace.

Don’t call me crazy. I am just afraid that one day the government will wake up and force us out of our homes – on matters of security as they always claim. I don’t know which president of which country will have visited us by then but if things continue as they are now, I don’t think we are safe.

Better to be safe than sorry.





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