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Who bewitched Jennifer?


Who bewitched Jennifer?

What really happened to Jennifer Musisi

What really happened to Jennifer Musisi

I have been observing the goings on in and around Kampala city and I have come to the conclusion that either Jennifer Musisi went for leave or she is ‘dead’. The zeal that she had when she had just come to Kampala is all gone and in her wake only remains a ghostly being.

Take a stroll down to lower Kampala; you will realize that the vendors are all back on the streets; the taxis now park any where they find space and the garbage bask in splendor against the dusty streets.

Take a stroll  to Upper Kampala  you will find a similar scenario – The greenery that she had created is now a fading brown. The grass she had planted is  all gone and you can now freely walk on the grass without anybody raising a finger.

Out of habit, > some of us had learnt not to cross through Jennifers grass but now that the ground is bare  we find no problem. crossing.  The gardens she planted are now sleeping spaces for beggars and town sleepers?

Did somebody bewitch her?




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