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Thieves now target men of God! What can worshipers do?


Thieves now target men of God! What can worshipers do?

Eng. Badru Kiggundu has been a victim of the apparent racket

Eng. Badru Kiggundu has been a victim of the apparent racket

Dear GOD, certain situations overwhelm us that we feel only your intervention will do. And the Holy Bible and The Quoran teach us that if we humble ourselves and pray for your mercy, you will always hear our prayer.

That is why, whenever we are in a fix, we turn to you because we know you are the only, the undisputable, ‘KAMALABYONA’ (the one and only). It is for this reason that we want you to really help us with thieves. Here in Uganda God, thieves have become something else. First it was the leaders. They started by stealing money in government coffers, money meant for providing services to the population. They started small.

Then they started stealing government land before proceeding to grab ordinary people’s land, amicably or forcefully. They then progressively embarked on stealing money meant for building hospitals, roads, schools, and whatever else.

When the other Ugandans who had been watching as the Bosses were stealing public funds and getting away with it, they also began stealing whatever was left. As we appeal to you, there is no more money left for any services.

Today, leaders are richer than Government and because the leaders are thieves, they have lost the moral authority to stop stealing by official inside and outside the government.

Your people have given up on government God. Ordinary folks and politicians who are not in government, all they think they can do is to gather wherever they can and just pray so that you can hear their prayers and their cries.

Anyway, over time, stealing has been institutionalized. The situation has gotten so bad that worshipers are being robbed inside and in the precincts of the houses of prayer.

Thieves have perfected their ‘art’ so much that they will pick your pockets in a twinkle of an eye. Now there is a new group, especially in Christian churches who come with their own tithe collection bags, collect monies from worshippers like church officials do and they just disappear.

Sometime ago, it was reported that at Christ the King Church in the city centre of Kampala, thieves made their own tithe bags and came and collected money inside the church, the church was only lucky to notice them and took them to the police. Its not known whether those thieves who were apprehended are still in jail.

The thieves at the Mosques are not yet advanced. They have remained petty. They only steal shoes of the faithful. How they do it even after security has been ‘intensified? Nobody knows. The thieves come with old shoes and leave with new ones leaving their tattered ones behind.

There haven’t been reported cases of pick-pocketing inside mosques their luck being that they pray in organized straight lines and a thief can be spotted immediately if they tried to pickpocket.

The other menace we would like to report to you God are the thieves who frequent funeral services wherever they are and they rob from the mourners and from the homes of the deceased. Some thieves have been caught, beaten and left for dead.

But they still return. The latest victim of theft by these thugs is EC boss Dr. Badru Kiggundu. He was attending a church funeral service of a friend and before he knew it, his wallet and his phone were gone, stolen by thugs who squeeze from all sides and by the time the squeeze is off, everything in your pockets have been stolen.

It is especially here that we need your urgent attention at least because we have given up on some thieving leaders.

GOD we are stuck. We don’t know where to turn. AMEN, AMINA.



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