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Uganda is doomed if half of Kampala’s teenagers drink waragi


Uganda is doomed if half of Kampala’s teenagers drink waragi

Teenagers warned on waragi consumptions

Teenagers warned on waragi consumptions

I don’t know what the government is going to do, a non government organization has disclosed that half of teenagers in Kampala drink waragi. This is a shocker if I have ever heard one.

If our kids are drinking waragi, this means that so many things have gone wrong. Should we blame it on government, schools, the clubs, retailers or the parents? Because really, these are underage children who are not supposed to be drinking. And if they are, what future should we expect of this generation of alcoholics.

I have been fortunate to witness a few alcoholics and I can assure the government that these are not the people I would wish for Uganda. They can never concentrate on anything except to drink. If he is a student, he can’t keep up with his studies and when it comes to employment, they are the worst performers. The best thing they can do best is to beg for favors and a little money to buy another cheap drink.

If this is the future generation we are relying on then Uganda is really in big trouble. I urge the government to find a way and solve this issue. Our kids cannot go on like this, it’s either alcohol is banned from Uganda or it finds a way to restrict it to only adults.

Lule Godfrey, Kampala



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