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Theft of vehicle UAB 185T at Internal Affairs raises questions


Theft of vehicle UAB 185T at Internal Affairs raises questions

On Monday June 15, was stolen from where he had parked it along Old Port Bell Road.

The owner of the vehicle only found out that his car had been stolen at around2:00pm when he tried to access it for a document he had left behind. Up to now his vehicle has not been recovered. Car thefts are rampant now. But when this happens at the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the people primarily responsible for keeping us and our property safe, it is scary. Which place is safe now?

In addition, why would someone steal an old Mark II, with that old number plate? To sell it, or is someone on another mission?

Hon. Aronda, the Minister of Internal Affairs, you still have a lot to do. In the meantime, it would be a good thing to boost security at the ministry and the areas around. This is a place with a lot of delicate business including processing of passports and issuance of resident and work permits to foreigners. How can there be no CCTV Cameras?



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