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All politicians are just one and the same


All politicians are just one and the same

Abdul Nadduli is also fronting his son to replace him

Abdul Nadduli is also fronting his son to replace him

I am annoyingly disappointed and disgusted with the hypocrisy of our politicians. What they are doing not only portrays arrogance, but insolence of the highest degree.

Apparently, politicians are on the lookout for votes but the annoying thing is that the opposition and the ruling party are expressing greed by fronting their relatives as if Uganda is a monarchy.

Recently, Luwero LC Chairman, came out to openly second his biological son to replace him and at the same time, MP Makindye West constituency Hussein Kyango also came out to advocate for their sons. For a very long time, we have been hearing the opposition criticizing President Museveni for allegedly favoring his only son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba to succeed him in politics.

Apart from that, in recent years, when retired col. Kizza Besigye was campaigning for presidency, he agitated that leaders shouldn’t stay to long and disguise it as individual dynamics. However, when you look at what is going on, Mr. Besigye is doing exactly what he was preaching against by failing to back up major Mugisha Muntu to also try his luck.

If I may ask, do you see any difference between Besigye and Museveni? I believe they are one and the same.




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