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I liked Analogue TV broadcasting better


I liked Analogue TV broadcasting better

UCC boss Godfrey Mutabaazi

UCC boss Godfrey Mutabaazi

I remember the time the government forced us to embrace digital migration. I didn’t like it. Infact, the government promised us on the advent of digital migration from analogue that we would have improved picture and sound quality.

This turned out to be a costly business to us, the TV viewers including media companies and TV channels. Not only did it need the purchase of digital production equipment and digital transition equipment, it also required the purchase of  Set-Top boxes and digitally enabled TVs.

Under analogue broadcasting, TV stations used to carry their own signals but when digital migration was established, they relinquished the  role to signet an affiliate body of the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation that does uniform transmission to a wider spectrum.

It was claimed that with analogue broadcasting, the picture is hazy and the sound, a poor quality but this was not true to all TV stations. I remember at that time, the big stations such as NTV, Urban, Bukedde, WBS, UBC, and CITIZEN TV were doing so well. They had a clear picture and the sound was superb. This also included mobile TVs. In cases of poor signals, all a person had to do was to buy an aerial and station it on top of the house.

But the problem we are facing today with digital broadcasting is a no signal output. It’s true that with digital broadcasting, we have a picture perfect production and good sound but the problem comes in when most times the broadcasting is interrupted with a no sign output.

This sometimes can take seconds on a frequent basis or 1 minute, and for the longest period 30 minutes. Other times, you will find some channels totally off just like it happened this Monday when I tuned on the TV only to find BBS TV, HTV, and Life TV off due to signal disturbance.

I always thought that bad weather is the only reason why signals are interrupted but it is unfortunate that this occurs on a good sunny day. I don’t know what the problem is but I suggest Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) look into it. Otherwise this no signal output is getting on my nerves.

Given we were forced to embrace digital broadcasting and it’s so costly, I propose you provide us with something next to perfect.






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