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Are there Cancer- laden bras in Uganda?


Are there Cancer- laden bras in Uganda?

Are there cancer-laden bras on our market?

Are there cancer-laden bras on our market?

Social media has been awash with scaring information about cancer -laden bras in our market

Whereas I am not an ardent believer of social media stuff, but if this happens to be true I might become one of the victims. I had one such bra  because I had such a bra like the ones they were posting on social media.

Some time back, I received a gift of several bras from my niece. A good number of them seemed ok but after wearing one of them for some time, one day I removed that bra and noticed some oil-like liquid dripping out of this bra.

When I noticed the oozing liquid I decided  to stop using the bra and I never used it again but now when the information came out that the bras a cancer-laden I got scared and looked at it again.

Up to today, I still have the bra but am wondering who is responsible here in Uganda so I can take it for tasting.

If this be true, shouldn’t we have the Ministry of health doing tests on these bras. And if UNBS is the standards watch dog are they aware that such bras entered our market and that people are using them.

The bras in question have a sponge-like cushion, which is filled with a jerry-like liquid similar to that stuff filled in silicon breasts, underneath it there are some beads but all these can be noticed after using the bra for sometime its not detectable when the bra is still new

We need re-assurance from those responsible.

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