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Government should stop misleading Ugandans


Government should stop misleading Ugandans

Is the high population the reason why there is poor service delivery

Is the high population the reason why there is poor service delivery

Recently in a local daily, President Museveni implored women, especially the young generation to produce not more than four children. I was perturbed.

I remember there was a time when President Museveni encouraged us to have as many children as we can because he believed it was a big population that boosts a fast economic growth. At that time, he gave an example of China with its 1 billion population and how fast it was developing economic wise.

I now wonder what happened for him to change his mind and consider having a few children as the solution to a better quality service delivery. Is our president finally getting wise or is he being fooled by the partially done research reports from the Ministry of finance that claim that the inadequate and poor quality service delivery in the country is due to the increased population growth which comes with high child production.

It was reported that the current resource envelop is not enough to ensure distribution of quality service delivery to over 40 million Ugandans.

Well, this might be true but not because there is a high child production but simple because there is someone somewhere picking from that resource envelop without authorization. My point here is corruption. If there is one thing that has turned our country backwards, it is corruption and not an increasing population.

If really the issue of poor quality service delivery was due to our high child production, how come there are countries with the same or a bigger population that can be able to provide better quality service delivery to their citizens.

When one looks at the corruption state in which Uganda exists, it wouldn’t matter if Ugandans were to have one child, the resource envelop would still be small and inadequate. If our government was to cease tolerating any corruption tendency, I believe they would discover how futile it is to stop Ugandans from having any number of children they want.

So, the day I will believe that high Child production is the cause of poor quality service delivery is the day when the government would have eradicated corruption.

Dianah Bauza, Kyengera



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