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Animals prophesying soccer matches is Satanic


Animals prophesying soccer matches is Satanic

Animals now used to predict soccer winners

Animals now used to predict soccer winners

I was not happy when the camel, Maria, was used to predict the outcome of the France vs. Croatia World Cup final. OK, it came as it had predicted that France would win the Cup. But what this shows is that there are some pastimes that are not supported by Scripture. In which case, Satan can step in to pretend that it is an act of God.

The Apostle Paul only talks of running the race; and even early Greek history talks of things like athletics. Perhaps by then football (soccer) had not yet been invented. If this be the case, then it would mean that the act of evil competition is manifested in football. Witness any scene in a soccer match: there is a lot of skullduggery.

I do not know about the spiritual significance of camels, but earlier on in Moscow, there were pundits who were using a deaf cat to predict the matches. Now, cats, like snakes, are definitely Satanic creatures; so the whole exercise of using such animals falls into the category of betting, which is sinful.

Unless God reveals Himself in such instances the faithful would be well advised to wait the outcome of such events, because nobody can predict the future.


Yokoyasi Madunga, Bombo



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