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Corruption and robbery in Temangalo land


Corruption and robbery in Temangalo land

Corruption and robbery in Temangalo land

Corruption and robbery in Temangalo land

From 1924, the land at Temangalo has passed through several hands; most of them illegitimate. Justice Catherine Bamugereire (Pictured) is at pains to establish who actually now owns the land.

The key to it is the documents that have gone missing in the Land Registry, ascribed to the former officer who was interdicted because of abject impropriety. That is what Bamugereire has to urgently solve.

After this, she would be at pains to determine the actual owner, given the fact that the real owner, the Indian, who Idi Amin chased away in the 1970s, has returned to claim his land. In the process the land has passed hands to National Social Security Fund through an incredibly dubious process, which the Justice herself has admitted that it is very corrupt.

I believe what she has now to determine is, who owns NSSF. That will give her a clue to who the actual owner of this land is. Forger about NSSF being Government.

Absolom Emadit, Ntinda



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