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Homosexuality! Now, Minister Mbayo is talking


Homosexuality! Now, Minister Mbayo is talking

Homosexuality! Now, Minister Mbayo is talking

Homosexuality! Now, Minister Mbayo is talking

I liked what the Minister for the Presidency, Esther Mbayo, said about homosexuals in Uganda. While bashing the youth who support the People Power Our Power, movement of Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine, she condemned the West for supporting and financing such people to commit this heinous sexual act.

This is probably the first time a minister in the NRM Government has been open about condemning the sodomists. Despite her insinuation that Bobi Wine was one of them, there is no evidence to this. Still, her comment came in handy for some of us who have been campaigning against homosexuality.

The claim these LGBT – lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual – people say that it is their human right, is absolute nonsense. This is simply a form of madness that deserves for the people practicing this to be confined in Butabika Mental Hospital.

They are the people who are spoiling our children in schools, brainwashing them into these dirty sexual behaviour by luring them with the money of the perverted Westerners. Mbayo should not confuse People Power with homosexuality. In her authority, she should just get rid of sodomists from this country.

Eddy Ngabirano,   Kampala



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