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Ugandans have been found in Lampedusa!


Ugandans have been found in Lampedusa!

In search of greener pastures

In search of greener pastures

I was shocked to hear on the BBC that some Ugandans were found in Lampedusa, the Italian island in the Mediterranean that has been inundated with boat people escaping from Africa to try to find a better life in Europe. I was used to hearing them going from West Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana and Eritrea.

The journey is usually through the dangerous country of Libya and then across the Mediterranean in dingy rubber boats that usually capsize in the middle of the sea. It is extremely dangerous!

Do not talk of the Middle East or East Asia, where we are now used to hear about Ugandans going for Kyeyo.  I have not heard the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs, Mrs. Janat Mukwaya, talk of signing any agreements with Greece or Turkey where the other boat people pass.

The thing to consider is: where is the responsibility of Government in getting employment for the people of Uganda to avoid this suffering? It is very illegitimate to say that it is OK to have businesses of selling people to other countries. Let those people form those companies to employ people here. Can’t Ugandans employ house helps?


David Arinaitwe, Entebbe



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