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Boris Johnson is truly a tin-pot dictator


Boris Johnson is truly a tin-pot dictator

British Prime minister Boris Johnson

British Prime minister Boris Johnson

By now we shall have known that British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan is in deep trouble. Indeed, he has no plan.

I always suspected that Johnson wanted to ride on the shoulders of his other contemporaries, David Cameron and Theresa May. In fact, I shall be forgiven for thinking that he conned both Cameron and May to hold the referendum three years ago, so that he would use it as a stepping stone to the premiership.

Cameron’s recent admission that Johnson was actually doing that has confirmed that the guy was never interested in the Conservative Party other than using it to the premiership; that is what the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbin, calls playground politics, and what a Scottish politician refers to him as a tin-pot dictator – more-or-less like the African leaders.

It has led the Scottish Highest Civil Court to rule that he misled the Queen in letting her prorogue Parliament so that he would ride roughshod on Britain to declare quitting the European Union without a deal. Things are going sour for him.

Abdallah Okolimong, Kumi



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