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Lutalo survives rape on stage


Lutalo survives rape on stage

Musician David Lutalo survives

Musician David Lutalo survives

When Lutalo’s marital problems were put out for the world to see, few would have guessed that this would elevate his status in the eyes of possible suitors.

Rafiki was present at Freedom city, when one lustful woman who was obviously drunk, swore that tonight Lutalo was hers!

Her fellow revelers kept reminding her that it was not Lutalo who was launching, but she kept saying you will see.

So as Lutalo jumped on stage, this woman kept giving him money and as he was about to leave the stage, the woman jumped and coiled herself around him like a leech.

Pleas from Lutalo to let him go fell on deaf ears as she kept saying ‘you are mine am not leaving you, bouncers had to be called to disentangle the woman from Lutalo. But something the woman kept saying ‘Njakufuna’, is a threat Lutalo took seriously that he had to leave for home as soon as he finished performing!



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