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Are Bobi and Mulwana trying to provoke government?


Are Bobi and Mulwana trying to provoke government?

Ghetto president Bobi Wine

Ghetto president Bobi Wine

Okay, Bobi’s Dembe song was allowed to grace the waves during the campaigns though many say it has scathing attacks against Museveni’s government though the ghetto president insists the song is not political.

But now Rafiki has just seen a new song where the ghetto president is urging Ugandans to rise up ‘Situka’. Though the song has not yet caused any ripples, Rafiki has heard whispers from many who have listened to insisting that very soon it will rampage.

Meanwhile, Mulwana Adam of the ‘Toa Basi yako’ FDC campaign song is also preparing to release another scathing song ‘Ensi yaffe’.

How the government will take these two remains to be seen, but Rafiki thinks government won’t dance to those tunes.

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