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Spice Diana love feud lands her in police cell


Spice Diana love feud lands her in police cell

Troubled Spice Diana

Troubled Spice Diana

It has always been an open secret that spice Diana and her producer were, prescription doing bad manners behind Alma (Dr. Fizol’s wife).

When Dr. Fizol was told that he can not touch another woman when his wife is  expecting , the good caring doctor just called it off with Diana.

On her part, Diana swore to teach the doctor a lesson, this she did by absconding with his laptop which had all the work that the producer has been saving over a lengthy period of time.

This caused panic and as a reaction Fizol got a warrant of arrest and dumped Diana in a police cell which she had never visited before. This  action proved to be the right medicine for Diana’s wayward ways  because thereafter she coughed up the laptop.

We told you married men are a complicated lot!



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