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Baby Rich wins Ushs 8 million in betting


Baby Rich wins Ushs 8 million in betting

Baby Rich won 8 million in betting

Baby Rich won 8 million at a betting house

A friend of mine believes that betting has the hand of the devil and a devils footprint. he says this because he wonders how thousands of people can bet and almost all of them fail to win yet they keep going back!

Now Rafiki can reveal to you that Baby Rich, the number of stakers at this particular betting house increased tenfold.

Rafiki can assure you that come the following day none of them had won anything. Talk of the trickery of the devil……what the betting company paid Baby Rich, they returned in one night.

This reminds me of the many Chinese slot machines littered everywhere in the suburbs of Kampala, ask the shop owners where the machines are placed whether they have ever seen the China-man load any coins! Mbu all they see is the China-man coming in to collect monies.

Rafiki is also privy to info that the Chinese do not sell these slot machines to the shop owners in these suburbs – never …they just rent space to place the machine – and I dare you to ask any China-man to sell you the machine and hear his answer. Talk of the devil at work!




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