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Former Miss Uganda wins family case against former lawyer


Former Miss Uganda wins family case against former lawyer

Former Miss Uganda Phionah Bizzu

Former Miss Uganda Phionah Bizzu

In 2008 the family of former Miss Uganda Phionah Bizzu woke up to a tragedy; their parents had been electrocuted and they went to court where they won the case and got over 75 million as compensation.

But little did the family know that their lawyer, was a crook; for he received the money and pocketed it forcing the family to go back to the courts of law to get redress. This time, the former defender having become their opponent.

Now, a panel of three Justices led by Justice Kasule, have ordered Baingana to refund 50 million shillings plus interest of 21% from 2nd/September/2009 to date. Money that the court ascertained was paid to Baingana but which Baingana failed to remit to the rightful owners.

Mbu, now he has been given seven days to pay to the court registry, and in case he defaults, the family and their lawyer will be allowed to put Baingana’s property up for auction.

On top of this, Baingana is to go to prison for 4 years as the Law Council investigates further misconduct.



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