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Ham Kiggundu about to be swallowed by Wolves


Ham Kiggundu about to be swallowed by Wolves

Tycoon Ham Kiggundu's palatial home

Tycoon Ham Kiggundu’s palatial home

Ham Kiggundu’s Gaba mansion is estimated to be in the region of millions of dollars. Some have estimated this property to be worth USD $5.5m and truly for someone who has just clocked 32 years this is surely amazing.

But the sad thing Rafiki has learnt, some banks are baying for the blood of this young tycoon mbu, that all his assets will soon be up for sale.

What is puzzling Rafiki however, is why all those tycoons rumoured to be agents of big fishes, always end up selling their properties?

Just some time ago, Rafiki told you of one tycoon who allegedly owns Freedom City but is rumored to have sold his palatial home along Entebbe road to some military big wig.

The last time Rafiki passed that area, he noticed that this home is now being guarded by the military!!

Are we about to see the military guarding Ham Kiggundu’s mansion?

We shall definitely update you when this happens.



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