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Dax Kartel cursed


Dax Kartel cursed

Is Dax Kartel cursed

Is Dax Kartel cursed

I know some of you might think that Dax Kartel, real name are Sulaiman Ssebunya has been cursed by the Muslim fraternity for his Baala song, or the fact that he is not fasting (by the way Dax are you drinking mwenge during Ramadan or are you fasting.)

Anyway ,the curse is not from any religious zealot, nay, Dax’s curse is from the guy by the names of Ron da Don who made the tune of this hit song  “Batuzaala Mu baala”.

Our snoop was present when Roni was overheard lamenting that, he produced this song almost free of charge, but that Dax Kartel  who has been earning from this song left and right has never given anything to him.

He has vowed Mbu, now he is just waiting for Dax Kartel to come back for another song , that is when he will snub him and show him his real place.

Wamma  Sula,  its bad manners to forget people who helped you when you were going up! And Islam tells us to pay off a labourer before their sweat dries up.



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