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Jackie Chandiru still using drugs?


Jackie Chandiru still using drugs?

Is she stilll on them drugs

Is she stilll on them drugs

Good news that Chandiru has been discharged from the rehab, Jackie is still taking drugs against doctors warnings

Rafiki has learnt from close sources that Jackie has failed to beat the habit, a small bird told Rafiki that the same guy who brought her drugs while on her hospital bed, is still carrying the  drugs to her home.

That she uses the money other celebs give her when they visit to do the purchasing.

Mbu one celeb who is known to use ganja, had advised her to stop the hard stuff and atleast take ganja, which this celeb believes is even medicinal.

Mbu now they are looking for money to take her abroad for further treatment…..Rafiki can only say a prayer for her and tell her that her will is stronger than she thinks so go Jackie give your will a chance and u wont regret it!



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