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Jeff and Sheebah hit two birds with one stone


Jeff and Sheebah hit two birds with one stone

Jeff and Sheeba planning tour

Jeff and Sheeba planning tour

Rafiki has been told that despite all the trouble that Jeff is going through now, their trip with Sheebah to Europe has been confirmed starting from 28th October to 7th November. That these two have even received a hefty down payment for the gig.

A close source at Team No Sleep has told Rafiki that Jeff intends to use this tour as vacation with Shebah, meaning as they will be resting they will also be making money.

Rafiki has also learnt that the down pay

ment was more than $20k, mbu Sheebah will receive half of the money and the rest will be retained by the group to help in the day to day running of things and also support other members of the group…..

Rafiki hopes that Jeff is allowed to travel abroad despite his troubles with the law, if not we could see someone going AWOL…



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