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Radio and Weasel in unusual panic


Radio and Weasel in unusual panic

The Gudlyfe duo in panic

The Gudlyfe duo in panic

The lifestyle of our Celebs is something few can admire and even risk living, Rafiki has learnt that the Gudlyfe duo are in trouble over a debt they are facing because of the drought of shows.

Rafiki is privy to info that one money lender has allegedly possessed a car belonging to this duo and he is threatening to even attach more cars,

Rafiki has also learnt that the duo is planning to fly overseas for what they have told  close friends as specialized treatment, saying that they are suffering from fatigue,

Rafiki has also seen the duo these days ban anyone from coming to Neverland if they suspect that he/she is coming from near Jeff, mbu they suspect he might be doing something unnatural to them because things aren’t going well……

Now this  is what Rafiki calls “Panic in overdrive!”



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