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Bad Black yearns for BLACK AGAIN


Bad Black yearns for BLACK AGAIN

Bad Black (L) with a friend when she still had her beautiful-black colour

Bad Black (L) with a friend when she still had her beautiful-black colour

It has been said by many observer over and over again that “Black is beautiful, ” but many an African have always refuted this and so has been the bleaching that has completely ruined Africa’s black-skinned-ladies.

Now Ugandan socialite who was in the news for embezzling one Zungu’s cash in the region of billions, who proved to all and sundry that money can literally by colour by making herself white has now been confirmed to be yearning for the black colour again.

After succeeding in beaching herself to the extent of being mistaken for a Chinese, she has now seen the beauty that has always eluded her and she no longer believes in her whiteness

Rafiki has just been told by a close source to this maama that the maama has decided to go for surgery to make herself black again. Whether she will succeed in this mission only God knows, but Rafiki has it on good authority that its very difficult for one to turn from white to Black most probably she will turn purple as one cheeky guy said.

Bad black revealed all these plans at a  black and Red party that was held at Club Ambiance in Bukesa recently.



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