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Bebe Cool loses millions on Arsenal


Bebe Cool loses millions on Arsenal

Bebe lose miliions

Bebe lose miliions

That big size Bebe Cool is an ardent supporter of Wenger’s Arsenal is not news.

That he also put his money where his heart is, that he is also a heavy gambler is an open secret. But of late, a close source in Gagamel tells Rafiki that the recent poor form of arsenal has cost his boss almost Ugshs 11million. This is because whenever arsenal plays Bebe wagers in millions.

So after the surprise loss of Arsenal to Watford mid last week, he was sure that come Saturday things would be different. On Saturday, the betting houses gave arsenal a winning odd of 4.00.

Meaning that if you bet 1 million you get 4 million, here Bebe espied an opportunity to recover his lost millions in earlier bets.

So Bebe waged 6 million meaning that were Arsenal to win he would get 24 million.

But alas before even the game was over, Bebe was so angry that he tore his bet ticket……

Rafiki has said this over and over again: Someone, please come do something about betting in Uganda before something terrible happens to our people.



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