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Rabadabas new song to save him from biku (Bedbugs)


Rabadabas new song to save him from biku (Bedbugs)

Rabadaba Evaded by Bedburgs

Rabadaba Evaded by Bedburgs

When residents of Kawempe claimed that bedbugs were making their lives difficult, we all thought that this only happens to ordinary folks like me and you.

But Rafiki is now counting Rabadaba as the 5th celeb to confess that bedbugs are out to drain all his blood.

The good news is that his new song ‘Yo body’, is generating good airtime on local radios and its doing even better in bars and clubs.

After confessing to his buddies that the bedbugs are killing him, he swore that the first money he will get from his new song will be used to burn all his things and buy new ones. He is even contemplating shifting from his domicile.

Here at grapevine we just wish him the best!



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