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The real reason Weasel never  visits  AK47’s grave 


The real reason Weasel never  visits  AK47’s grave 

Why Weasel never visits AK47’s grave

Why Weasel never visits AK47’s grave

Even when they were burying his brother Weasel  was conspicuously and ever since that time, other family members have posted their photos at the grave, but none has been seen of Weasel next to the grave!

Rafiki has learnt that the reason for this is that the two brothers had a love beef that really went wrong, about a mchotara girl, called Shamira.

That initially this girl belonged to AK is no secret and that Weasel poached her from AK is not news any more, however Rafiki understands that this beef so intense. A close source told Rafiki that the two even had a physical fight, that prompted AK to compose a duet with Saha (Shamira wanimba) but  all the above is not news and not surprising.

But the fact that Weasel is still nursing the grudge long after  the demise of his little brother is what surprises Rafiki and many of Weasels friends. Rafiki had some of Weasles friends talking behind his back about this unserious situation.

Could this be real, that a woman can make you hate your brother to the grave?



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