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Chicken Tonight to face the Katatumba wrath


Chicken Tonight to face the Katatumba wrath

Chicken Tonight to face the Katatumba wrath

Chicken Tonight to face the Katatumba wrath

The late, Bonnie Katatumba’s daughter, Angella Katatumba, has threatened to show the Chicken Tonight management what it means to be a katatumba. The Sunrise, too, has its ears down on ground, to find out what the Katatumba name is really worth.

Following the incident that happened earlier this week at Chicken Tonight franchise in Kabalagala, when a waiter slapped Angella, close sources told Sunrise Rafiki that Angella went with friends at Chicken Tonight to have a meal; then Angella had a disagreement with one of the waiters who hit her really bad; and then threw her out of the restaurant.

Irate Katatumba left the restaurant without saying or doing anything but promised the management that they would see what she can do. Currently, Katatumba, and her lawyer are demanding 1 Billion shillings from Chicken Tonight, as compensation and damages caused on her. She alleges that during the incident, she got physical injuries and her health is currently ebbing away, and that they even humiliated her in front of the public and yet she is a renowned figure.

For this, Sunrise Rafiki is not sure if Chicken Tonight will go through it since it was allegedly running bankrupt after losing many of its customers to the new restaurants like; KFC, Crazy Chicken, Mr. Fry and Grill.

And following the incident of violence that led to Radio Mowzey death; the general public is also condemning that act. “Chicken tonight is really down for it,” Sunrise Rafiki has learnt.



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