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Is Bebe Cool joining Bobi Wine in Parliament?


Is Bebe Cool joining Bobi Wine in Parliament?

Is Bebe Cool joining Bobi Wine in Parliament?

Is Bebe Cool joining Bobi Wine in Parliament?

Rafiki is worried about Bebe Cool’s unlikely behavior of supporting and lending a hand to the less privileged in the country because we all know it’s not “Bebe’s thing”, and if it has ever happened at least it must have skipped my keen eye.

Rafiki cannot forget that time when Bebe’s duped Ugandans during the Danz Kumapeesa saga when he showed off that he contributed 2 million towards Danz treatment and a few hours later, the Kenyan based musicians, Sauti sol posted saying that they are the ones who gave Bebe the 2 million for Danz treatment.

But this time round, things are changing, Bebe has gone down in his pocket and helped several women and children and we cannot fail to acknowledge his tremendous efforts towards a young girl’s treatment who needed millions for a heart operation in India, and he has also organized a charitable concert happening on 3rd August at Serena hotel to help other kids with heart problems.

After all his contribution and campaign towards helping the less privileged many people have started speculating if it’s a political strategy targeting the 2020 elections.

This big heart of Bebe Cool has never been seen before and Rafiki prays that it never stops



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