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In favour of intellectual stripping and more!

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In favour of intellectual stripping and more!

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Dancing to the music

Dancing to the music

Not everybody will agree with what you do and if anything, welcome to the world.

The hullabalo around tawo is about this simanyi who, a true favourably educated guru who, rightly or wrongly has stolen the show as a maama w’abaana who stripped naked in clear day light mbu in protest of….what do you know?

Me I have never stopped wondering at what makes certain biological species to tick. Can you imagine someone, a whole muntu mukulu daring, and not only threatening, but wholly and cooly raising hell, shrieking away to the utter amazement of everybody in earshot, not stopping there but going ahead, with no shame to herself, her peers, her taata w’abaana, her children, grand children and her living parent/family,  to bare her well hung milk containers however good looking they may be?

Mbu ate, word or lugambo doing the rounds continue to reveal, this damn shameless granddaughter of Eve, even also put on free show her pair of well fed balongo showing all and sundry how beautifully her senga labored with entengo to elongate her twin towers. Mbu the damn pair of fleshy finger-like hanging things were seen twitching a gig while also her kabunidde wa smiling in sheer  amusement. Female liberation oyee!

Now if we hear you blaming certain sons of the soil for raising an election at the spectre, we shall simply dismiss you for what you are. Why, after all would right thinking males, with surging life in their peckers fail to rise to the occasion.

We are also hearing mbu following this incident at one of the highest institutions of learning in the country, this female chapsses (it’ males who are called chaps) has no shortage of suitors, some begging her on her page on the social media, others  endlessly calling her on her mobile phone, proposing they be given a chance to pump magma into her well manicured hole of understanding.

Blame somebody else but not us  but you also know that when anything as attractive and eatable as we hear this guru’s hole of fame is rumoured to claim while it was being flashed, the obvious is bound to happen.

And by the way stop your nugu if you read what follows. Yours in service tendered in his application to make a tour survey into this madam’s twat and the damn woman has invited him saying she was game only if he can do three consecutive rounds of pumping (not huffing) inside her valley of love favourably intertwined with kasekuzo, I mean kacapizo, to quote the lady, “Olabe enyanja  bwe’yira….” What a challenge some species can come up with?

Yours faithfully only delayed to pen his experience in these columns only because of the exhaustion this damn creation of a female subjected him as she continuously sucked life out of his pecker pen. Maama nyabo! Can this woman’s pudenda really exist under the sun? But indeed it does; wonder of wonders! It was the other evening when the duo made contact in the open grounds of the compound of a friend of this lady.

Time check, 6.30 p.m. ( Sebo, how this woman likes open things!) After galloping down three or four glasses of Uganda Wa, (the lady even revealed she also drinks Lira, Lira one, one) the girl woman stripped naked on a lesu offering a free view of body wealth to yours in service, the heavens,  the stars and the moon. A cool evening it was with the heavens promising a heavy downpour later that night.

Tell what Dutch courage mwenge does to twats and dillingers! The woman hiss, hissed as she uncovered and started doing a cool massage on the engorged, vein-rich joystick. She tap, tapped it on her flabby and twitching kabunidde, her twin flaps swishing this way and that way while gushes of love juices flew away flooding the couples’ bodies, the lesu and most sincerely, must have scorched the grass on which the two lay.

You recall that saying that when two elephants fight……… The two were at it for a couple of hours with a few minutes’ intervals in which the damn woman would even interrupt as she did a  mouth massage on the man’s pen wealth.

One of these days when it doesn’t rain cats and mice as has been happening of recent in mother U, we will indulge you with another tale including how scotching that woman’s twat can wreck on a penis which dares to  make a tour inside it. Till then, kwa heri!





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